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Who we are ?

Unica Construction Group. is a licensed construction company based in Atlanta. We deal with general multifamily commercial contractors. We serve in different industrial and commercial sectors. Such as schools, hospitals, multifamily buildings, salons, and many other sectors are also included. Our goal is to serve our clients with excellence, quality, and safety within the optimal budget.

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Our Values


At Unica Construction Group, you get the level of professionalism, workmanship, and quality of services that you are expecting from us.  Our business is always changing as a result of shifting consumer demands and emerging market prospects. You should believe us because you are collaborating with Unica Construction Group which will give you access to the most recent services, innovations, and advanced services in this sector.


We can use our experience to build more effectively and address problems faster because our work focuses on particular constructional industries. We have a team of experts that comprises different team aspects and roles. Particularly, each team expert is crucial on their own behalf in terms of their expertise


Our expertise, professionalism, and skill set guarantee a good solution every time, no matter the project's size or complexity. We are here to help you in achieving your idea by collaborating with our trustworthy engineering and architectural experts to give the necessary design solutions

1. Construction

2. Masonry

3. Painting

4. Plumbing

Why ChooseUnica

Undoubtedly, technology and skillset have been improved and moved to advancement. However, if you are a retailer or a business that wants an interior build-out, or if you want to build and expand your commercial business by using advanced and modern Systems. Unica Construction Group is here to assist you with your professional business services from commercial construction contractors. To find out why Unica Construction Group is one of the top advanced and commercial construction companies in Atlanta. Look through our construction project, our partners, and customer testimonials.


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